Monday, June 2, 2008

Racing season

JR and I have been doing a lot of racing lately-he has been all over the US to race his road bike and I have been racing here in AZ. Both of us have had good results lately. I just got back from the Deuces Wild Triathlon in Show Low, where I was able to win the women's race by 6 minutes. I also won the "Triple Crown Challenge" (sponsored by Genuine Innovations) , which consists of 3 races -Tempe International Triathlon, Lake Sahuarita Triathlon and the Deuces Wild Triathlon. It is 3 weekends of racing in a row, but each one of them was a lot of fun!!!
JR is racing in Philadelphia this weekend, I might be racing at the Tribal Triathlon at Lake Pleasant.
Today was my first ever 6km pool day!!! And it was fun :-)

Alright, more updates coming soon,