Saturday, February 23, 2008

What we have been up to...

Here is a little update on what we were up to for the month of february:

We started our racing season this month. First we raced at the McDowell Circuit Race in Phoenix. I had a 35 min. race at 8 am in the morning-and it was very is true what everybody has told me about deserts!!! They are freezing at night and in the morning and they are hot during the day. I won the women's Cat 4/Masters race and I also took home a pair of continental tires that I won in a prime. Jr took 5th place in the Pro 1/2 field (the men's races are crazy-there were about 100 people in the race). There were two pretty bad crashes in JR's race-luckily he was not involved!!!

This is me at the McDowell Circuit Race.

JR at the McDowell Circuit Race.

The next day we raced in Scottsdale at the Old Town Crit. This race was awesome, the course was very short and had 8 corners. It was my first chance to race with the Pro women and it was a lot of fun. My category finished 5 minutes before the Pro's, I ended up second. Jr and his teammate worked together and his teammate ended up in second place-JR had a really good race, he was responsible for keeping the pack off of his teammate.

The following weekend was the Valley of the Sun Stage Race. Unfortunatelly I was too late to register for it, but it was a lot of fun to watch JR race. The TT was on Friday and it was raining on and off. JR felt really good during the TT and he took 7th place. Saturday was a Road Race and JR and his 2 teammates looked really good out there. The 2 ended up taking 5th and 7th place overall. I made JR get up really early in the morning on the last Stage of VOS (about 5 am). I was competing at a Triathlon in Chandler. It started at 7 am, and it was very cold-almost everybody has trouble getting their helmets off after the bike because of frozen fingers...I felt really good and took first place in the women's field and second overall!!!

Finishing up the running part of the Chandler Triathlon.

JR in and another guy attacking during the Criterium at VOS.

Last weekend we went back to Phoenix again to race in the Scottsdale Grand Prix. I just received my upgrade, therefore I was allowed to start in the Cat 3 field!!! Yippie!!! My race was 45 minutes and I felt really strong. I won all 3 Primes and I took the overall win :-)

Scottsdale Grand Prix.

JR's race was 70 minutes long-he had such a great race. He looked so strong out there-but after 50 minutes, during a really hard effort, his chain snapped and he was out of the race:-(

I am just glad that he can handle his bike really well and he managed not to fall. Imagine going all out and all of the sudden there is no resistance anymore...

So the last few racing weeks were a lot of fun (also because we got to go to Phoenix and escape the Flagstaff snow!!!).


Next weekend we will be racing in Yuma at the North End Classic.


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