Saturday, October 25, 2008

Living in Germany

So I have been living in Germany for about 2 months now. I already had some visitors (Brad and Jenny-JR's teammate and his wife) and it was great. Off course JR is here too. We have had a lot of luck with the weather. It snowed early September, but now it is foggy in the morning, and sunny in the afternoon but still pretty cold.

This is Lake Tegernsee, where I currently live.

The Alps, just across the border to Austria.

Bavarians drink a LOT of beer here (even in the morning, a Bavarian breakfast consits of Beer, Sausages and Prezels). When you look at a menu, you see this:
Water 2 Euros
Applejuice 2 Euros
Beer 1,80 Euros

FUNNY!!! And you see a ton of different kinds of sausage!!! :-)

More updates and stories about living in the Alps will follow.
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