Saturday, October 25, 2008

Living in Germany...hiking a mountain with Brad and Jenny

Brad, Jenny (JR's teammate and wife), JR and I hiking up to the Baumgartenschneid Mountain:

After about half an hour of going through the forest: An opening and a restaurant. But it is too early for us to eat and drink.

The leaves made everything look so pretty and it smelled really good in the forest.

On top of the mountain. Every mountain has a Gipfelkreuz, a cross to show you that you have reached the highest point.

The view from the top of the mountains. The really big mountains are further into the Alps. The view was great.

Lake Tegernsee, this is towards Munich.

Crazy how this church was built onto a rock years ago!!! MANY YEARS!!!
The hike was great and luckily not too long. If you don't hike that much in the mountains, it is better to start out slow.

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