Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yippie, we finally have snow. Right now it is in the mountains only, but on Saturday it is supposed to snow down here too.

I brought JR to the airport yesterday to send him back to the US :-) He had a really nice person at the check in...unbelievable...nice people at the airport!!! I went back home, slept a little bit and went to teach my classes: Flexi Bar and Spinning. Soooooooooooooo much fun!!! I love to teach classes. The today I had two Lactate tests in a row, everything went well, the blood that I tried to get out of the people came out nicely and both people were able to push themselves to a very high wattage. I have one more tomorrow, again on an Ergometer. I am really excited-testing people is sooo much fun. I will get a portable lactate machine, so if anyone needs a lactate test, let me know and I can probably give you a great deal. And everyone should know that lactate tests are very important to figure out training zones!!! So if you are serious about training and competing...lactate tests.

Tonight I tought another spinning class and we did a 20 min. intervall and some time trialing!!! That was fun, I am getting paid to train:-)

JR is in Tucson right now, at El Tour De Tucson, in the desert, crazy how it can be cold here and summer like temps there...


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Annie said...

Hi Angi,

You still look as happy as ever....always with a smile on your face. Your accomplishments are awesome!