Wednesday, January 9, 2008


What a country! I got back from Italy yesterday. I spent 5 days with my teammate "The Bazz" and learned the Italian/Bazzana way of life in Bergamo, Italy. I had a great time and valuable experience. A big thanks to Bazz and family for the excellent hospitality. I hope I can return the favor in AZ someday.

This post will be mostly pictures since they can explain the beauty much easier.

We went for a hike in the hills the first morning. Bergamo got its first snow of the winter just in time for my arrival. This is actually a pic of Cene a few kilometers from Bergamo and the village where Bazz lives.
Bazz with his girlfriend Anna and her 7 year old son Patryck.

These were the views that greeted us on our ride in the hills outside Bergamo. Amazing scenery here and according to Bazz Bergamo is not the best of Italy. I hope I make it back someday to see the rest.

And what would a trip to a european city be without visiting the old city and seeing the castle/fortress. Its an amazing experience to walk by buildings and on roads that were built so long ago.

Tomorrow we're heading back to the US. We'll be working for Cliff Bar this weekend at the Rock n Roll marathon Expo in Phoenix. Next week back to my real job - training. I'm really motivated to get back on the bike and log some long rides. The vacation has been great but its time for structure and familiarity.

Happy New Year everone!

Ciao, JR

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loftygoat said...

Man, I didn't see any Subway, or McDonalds, and where is the freeway and mall? Without all that I'm not sure Italy has ANYTHING to offer. --Mr. Sarcastic

ps looks gorgeous beyond any logo