Monday, December 31, 2007

Race Report

I did something yesterday that I thought I'd never do again. I competed in a running race. It was the Stuttgart New Years Eve race. I've done this race at least four other times and its always fun. The last time was in 2004, before I bacame cyclist and stopped running. This year, due to our lack of running fitness, Angi and I opted for the 5.555km race instead of the 11.1111km race. I played domestique for Angi, trying to keep her out of the wind and keep the pace just right for her to stay ahead of the other ladies. I think it helped a little but much less effective than in cycling. After about 4.5 km with Angi's lead secure she gave me permission to go ahead. I ran the last km hard and passed a few guys on the way to 9th place in 20:17. Angi finished a very strong race in 20:39 and was the first women finisher.

After the race, Angi's dad took us for a drive around the course that was used for the cycling World Championships this year. The course would be so much fun to race. Its almost always going up or down hill. I wouldn't want to do 267km though. Thats how long the mens elite race was this year. Ouch! We could still see alot of the names and messages painted on the road at the significant climbs. I found this massage painted near the flag of Norway. It must be Norwegian. I don't speak Norwegian but maybe you can figure out what it means.

No comment.

Tomorrow will be 2008. Wow! What a year it has been. Angi and I will celebrate New Year's with her parents, watching fireworks, lighting fireworks and toasting to a eventful and successful 2008. We'll be at the Schloss Solitude (Solitude Castle) to bring in the new year. I'll try and get some good pics.

On the 3rd I'm heading to Bergamo, Italy to train with my teammate Alessandro for a few days. I'm looking forward to seeing his stomping grounds and a bit of Italy. I hear the wine, coffee and pasta are good in Italy. I'm a big fan of all three. Several other pro cyclist also live in Bergamo and the area. Never know who we might run in to on the our rides.


loftygoat said...

Good racing and reporting Angi and JR! Let's see, come home to wintry Flagstaff and car crazy Arizona OR head to Italy to train for a couple days, and soak up some more German hospitality. No brainer!

marty said...

zank you very much for ze are all very enjoying ze new jahr und ve are vishing you a vonderful visit in Italy!

ve vill zee you back in ze sunny aritzona!


Volcano Steve said...

BUCK FUSH - too funny!