Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hanging out in Ventura

I've been hanging out in Ventura, CA since last Friday. We raced in Santa Barbara on Saturday and in Ojai on Sunday. We lead out one of our sprinters on in Santa Barbara and got the win. In Ojai after a tactical race in 95 degrees heat myself and two teammates were left in the main group of 20 riders. We did our best to lead out the fastest finisher, Alessandro, and he came in fouth.

This week has been good for training. I did a couple long rides with good climbs and yesterday I spent an hour motorpacing along the coast. Living the dream. I'm so tired today that I can't seem to get off the coach.

We're racing Sea Otter in Monteray, CA on Saturday. Our team won the race last year so there is a bit of pressure to repeat. With some of our main competition doing the Tour of Georgia the field will be a softer than normal. I hope we bring it home.


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Volcano Steve said...


Congrats on Sea Otter!!!!


Congrats on Oceanside!! Turning down a Kona slot - may the iron gods have mercy upon you.....

You both realize that when you have children they will all be fat and lay in front of the TV watching video games, right?