Monday, April 14, 2008

Oceanside 70.3

I did my first 70.3 race on March 29th in Oceanside, CA, and it was a great experience!!!
I went to the race all alone at about 5 am, got the bike out of the car and put the race wheels on. I rode to the transition, which was about 1 mile away from parking with my coffee, wetsuit, and all the other equipment in my hand. My age group was in the water at 7:20 am. I was really surprised-I really enjoyed the ocean swim. The 1.2 Mile loop went by in no time, run through transition, do the cyclocross hop onto my TT bike and I was off on the bike course. The bike course was great. There were 2 no passing sections and unfortunatelly those 2 sections took a long time because the person in front of me went really slow...I ended up riding a fast 2:40 hrs (including the slow section :-(), the fastest female split was 2:30 hrs-I think that I might have gotten close to that if I would not have started in wave 13, the hold up in the no passing sections and also if I would have known how to pace myself-there was a bit of energy left over!!!
OK, then the 13.1 Mile run-it got a little bit warmer and I ended up running a little bit slower then I wanted...but that's OK, it was my first Half Ironman and only my second Half marathon ever!!!
I ended up winning my age group and qualifying for Kona and the 70.3 World Championships!!! I turned Kona down, but I took the 70.3 Spot-I AM GOING TO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!
The greatest part is that I would have won the next age group as well. I ended up being 5th Amateur.
It was a great and fun experience and I cannot wait to do my next Half Ironman!!!


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