Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something about going swimming in this area...:-)

Soooo, I went swimming many times in Bad Toelz already. There are closer pools but almost everything here is with under water massage jets and hot tub and sauna, so not great for practicing when a jet is blowing in your face under water and the loud noise of those jets...
So back to Bad Toelz I thought. It is a 25 meter pool, nothing special about it. Yesterday, there were probably 20 people in the water. am I supposed to swim here and relax... but OK, I made the best out of it and just tought that this is good practice for swimming in open water. Germans are very funny, they swim and they don't really care if people want to practice or if people are training seriousely...they just swim all over the place.
In the end I made it without bruises:-) And I ended up doing a continous swim with looking up and a lot of sighting!!!

But I have to admit, the pool in Flagstaff was awesome compared to this one. 50 meters, most of the time you get your own lane!!! NICE...

So today I wanted to go swimming again, I was excited for it, but the pool closed at 6 pm and that was when I got off work... GRRR

I will try again tomorrow, when I have my 4 hour break at work!!! Yippie!!!

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Anonymous said...

ANGI!!!! How are you? So you are back in Germany?!? That's awesome! Are you staying there? What's new?

Thanks for the support :-) And its great to hear from you!
Best, Elizabeth